About Us
About Our Business

Mobile Medical Maintenance has been providing quality medical
equipment service and repair for EMS, Homecare, Hospital, Long Term
Care and Transport providers since 2003.

Mobile Medical Maintenance has facilities located in the following areas:
·        Leo, IN – Corporate Headquarters
·        Arlington, TX – Service Center
·        Baltimore, MD – Service Center
·        Denver, CO – Coming Soon!
·        Perry, OH – Service Center
·        Spencerville, IN – Service Center
·        West End, NC – Service Center

The vast majority of our services are performed on-site at your facility,
avoiding costly shipping and risk of loss or damage in transport, and
ensuring the most timely service in the industry.

Factory trained/certified technicians use only factory-authorized parts to
service and repair your equipment, and follow proper ESD protocols and
manufacturer’s guidelines in every step of the service process.

Mobile Medical Maintenance is currently a member of the AARC, AAMS
and AAMI. We are also accredited by ACHC, insured and bonded.
For Service or Support Call:
1-888-MOB-MAIN (662-6246)